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Looking for Garden Services in Colchester?

Are you in the Essex area, and wish to bring in professionals to remodel your outdoor area? Would you like to undergo garden services in Colchester? When you come to LK Landscapes, you have a plethora of options to choose from; for ease, we have detailed our contact details below - we look forward to hearing from you soon.

For anyone that is in need of a company that can provide a fantastic rejuvenation service for their backyard space, your search is over - we here at LK Landscapes are here for you. Having been in operation for over fifteen years, our team of specialists and technicians are well versed in carrying out a variety of garden services in Colchester. Whether you would like to breathe some life into a somewhat neglected area of flora by installing a new, visually aesthetic lawn, or desire a gazebo that will serve to provide covering for a relaxation space - you will not be disappointed by a lack of selection options. We have, for the convenience of our prospective clients, compiled a list of our complete services, and published them on a dedicated page - you can view all of these on our website.

As we operate in an industry that deals in visual aesthetic enhancements, here at LK Landscapes we understand that it is important for prospective clients to have a better understanding of the types of standards that we have set for ourselves. To this end, we invite you to peruse through our gallery page; here, we hope that you will gain an insight into the types of garden services in Colchester that we perform, as well as the results that you can expect.

What sets LK Landscapes apart from its competitors, aside from the premier results that we achieve, is our ability to offer a personal touch - we care about our customers, and want to ensure that all those who come to us, prospective customers or long-standing clients, have the opportunity to have their voices heard. For anyone that wishes to make an enquiry into our garden services in Colchester, and would like to discuss their requirements over the phone, you can give us a call either on our landline or mobile, at 01621 331 640 and 07857 546 454 respectively. With a team of dedicated representatives in our customer support division, we are also happy to liaise via written methods - you can send us an email directly at, or submit your prospective project details in a brief message, coupled with your contact information, through our website’s enquiry form

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