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Searching for Driveway Paving in Colchester?

Are you in the Essex area, and look to acquire the services of a landscaping company that has over fifteen years experience in the industry? Are you searching for driveway paving in Colchester? We here at LK Landscapes are happy to help - feel free to get in touch should you have any questions.

One of the first features that any visitor will notice about your home is the driveway - therefore, it is of vital importance that your driveway paving in Colchester is of an adequate standard. This is where the team of engineers and technicians that we have here at LK Landscapes come in; we strive to bring you the finest finishes, at prices which our competitive yet affordable. Whether you are seeking a simple standard block paving design, or would like to have something more intricate and eye-catching, such as crazy paving made out of sandstone, one thing is certain. LK Landscapes will always provide you with a result that you can be proud of. For anyone that would like to further educate themselves on our paving service, or is intrigued as to what other duties we can adeptly provide, we have compiled an in-depth breakdown, which can be accessed on our website.

In an industry that deals almost solely in the provision of visual enhancements, we understand that you may wish to gain an insight into the types of finishes that you can expect when bringing in LK Landscapes. To this end, we are happy to invite you to check out our gallery page. Here, you can peruse, to your pleasure, through a variety of examples of previous successful projects. If you are harbouring any doubts about our ability to bring about a rejuvenated garden, or install a portion of driveway paving in Colchester, we hope that this page instills confidence in you, regarding our dedication to the provision of first-class finishes.

What is of paramount importance to us here at LK Landscapes, is that each and every customer has access to an experience which is seamless and hassle-free. Whilst we excel in the provision of, for example, driveway paving in Colchester, we place great precedence on delivering fantastic customer service. This is why there are many ways through which you can get in touch with us - if you would like an informal chat about your requirements, you can give us a call either on 01621 331640 or 07857 546454. If you would prefer to start a written discussion with our team, you can submit your project specifications through our website’s enquiry form, or email us directly at

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